The Twin-World genesis

In a distant system, in a world far away, two planets have come to orbit each other. The two planets are mid-way between two suns. As a result, each planet has generally one phase of the day exposed to the dying sun “Esol” that provides less heat and light, one phase to the bright sun “Ysol” and finally a night phase where usually Adhater obscures Adhalan and reciprocally.

The planets were not close originally, Adhalan was moved close to Adhater magically when it habitants, the Dragons, pretty much exhausted their planet from critical resources enabling Dragon’s life. This happened a very long time ago and only one Adhater race rememberes the approach of Adhalan close to 25’000 years ago.

For most people the situation has always been the one they know, and particularly for humans, who have become the dominant race on Adhater.

Major eras of Adha


The dwarfs and the dragons are pretty much the only ones who have some remembrance of the pre-junction era, when both planets were not as close as they are right now. Adhalan was the domain of the Dragons and Adhater was the domain of the Dwarfs.

The Dragons were only a few hundreds on their planet, but with their smaller dragon offspring and their drakeid servants, they pillaged Adhalan of pretty much all the resources. They burned down forests and drained oil for their foundries. They plundered the oceans, mountains and plains for metals. Dragons also consumed most of the planets mana.

At one point, their war for resources had killed about half of them. They agreed to have the Wyrm gathering. One of the Wyrms suggested to move to another planet. It could be seen from where they are. For survival, all agreed and planned their migration to Adhater.

The Darwen realms era

Their orbit was secured about 25’000 years ago. On Adhater, many different races were present. But only one was really developed. The stone and magic based race of the Dwarvens. They observed the arrival of that huge moon, the impact on the oceans and the new night it created. The climate change was huge, but mostly beneficial over time. As Adhater got more water and more air.

But with the arrival of Adhalan came the meteors, rocks that hurled through the sky and landed on Adhater. The Dwarfs discovered that some of the meteors had creatures in them or magical beings. Most of these did not survive more than a few hours, if they even survived the landing. But a few did and hid on Ahdater. For the Dragons, these were primarily tests in order to prepare their own migration.

The Dwarven race continued to develop, but had to leave some of their fortress as ice and cold were starting to take hold of them. One thing that a rock based race hates is ice, as water filters into cracks and when it freezes, breaks the rocks. As a result, there are many untouched old dwarven ruins in the coldest parts of Adhater.

Yet the Dwarvens were present in pretty much all the rock areas on Adhater, building huge cities mostly underground because of the temperature decrease on the surface. The Dwarvens were are very close to Adhater and feel its magic. Therefore they have been very eco-conscious and always tried to have an equilibrium.

About five millennia’s after the junction, the Dragons were finally ready to send the first of them from Adhalan to Adhater. It took a lot of time to decide whom they would send and after a lot of politics, they chose one of their weakest representative and also not one of their brightest minds.

Ohrtess and his court of smaller dragons and drakeids was imprisoned into a huge rock. A Wyrm ritual then launched the asteroid from Adhalan to Adhater. There, as planned the asteroid felt into an ocean. Ohrtess decided to immediately emerge and enslave whatever he could find on that planet. That move started Adhater’s first war.

The first Dragon War

The Dwarfs were the first to note the landing and locate the asteroids. Their connection with the planet as well as their magical communication capabilities helped tremendously. They went to investigate the asteroid and discovered the huge Wyrm, who was as big as a mountain.

Compelled by Adhater to resist, they first sculpted larger representations of themselves and brought them to live. Most of the new races call these people the giants. While the giants were certainly more suited against lesser dragons and very effective against drakeids. They were no match against Ohrtess.

So the dwarves runemaster and sculptors went on and crafted something even bigger. The colossus were born. The largest colossus could reach up to three hundred dwarfs in height, yet most are between 100 and 200 in size. Within a colossus, there are usually ten to twenty floors and a few dozens dwarfs are needed to operate one of them.

At last, after nearly a century of war, a huge battle scorched a large island just a hundred miles from where Ohrtess asteroid landed. Hundreds of thousands of dwarfs went to rubbles fighting the Orthess and his court. But a colossus was able to hold on Orthess neck and pushed him into the sea. The drawen operators took down the great Wyrm and drowned him.

After losing close to a million dwarfs and feeling the wounds of Adhater. The Dwarfs decided to meditate for Adhater’s healing within their fortress. They planned to do so for a millennia until Adhater would have recovered to a certain degree, but did not think that some of the lesser races could interfere.

During the dwarf retreat, the magic they were channeling to heal their planet suddenly became more accessible to the elevens. Who started to study and develop that art. But they tapped so much into the magic that Adhater did not reach the level of recovery the dwarfs were aiming for. As a result, they did not wake up.

From the dawn of the Elven era to its dusk

During that era, the Elven courts were organized around schools or magic. Elvens never attempted to be very numerous and expand. But they have an obsession for magic. It is like a drug for most of them and they cannot resist exploring its potential.

The era lasted fifteen millennia’s, Elvens are very long living creatures and with their longevity comes an incapacity to decide and act fast. The schools usually had councils or colleges of elected wizards based on their study, wits or master of the Arts. Elections happened every century and most scholars would prepare for the next elections as soon as one is over.

Creating a magic marvel, new complex rituals or even better a new art of mastering magic are a few examples of what Elvens spent their time on. Huge amounts of time, at a very gentle pace.

While the Elvens have been crafting wonders, the Dragons have sent one of their own on Adhater every millennia. The Elvens even used these asteroid cataclysms to rhythm their history. So the fifteenth cataclysm, marks the start of the end dusk of the Elven era.

Though the Elvens had discovered, select asteroids and used some of their contained magical power. So at the end of the Elven age, there were only nine great Wyrms still alive on Adhater in their rock shells. On Adhalan, there were still twenty of them waiting for their migration. But a new concern was emerging. Five of them would have to stay in order to perform the ritual for the last one who would be able to migrate. The fact marked the start of the Dragon Alliances and the plots to elect the ones who would be sent over.

One could wonder, why not send many of their kind at the same time. The reason is that Adhalan in the same way as Adhater cannot offer inifinte magic. You have to maintain and gather magical power to do wo. On Adhalan, magic has become very rare and has to be used mainly by Dragons for their survival. As Dragons need magic the same way as they need food and water to survive.

Once more, two civilizations would nearly disappear in a massive confrontation. Urrhamorh a mighty sorcerer Wyrm who was the third to land on Adhater become able to meditate in a similar way to the Dwarfs. He was able to start to communicate with other Dragons and his court while asleep. But was also able to start influencing other minds across Adhater.

The Elvens had mostly ignored the wilderness. Many colleges had a single location, some created flying magical marvels or epic size boats. But not all magic experiences create good stuff. Elvens used the wilderness as a dump for all their failed experiences.

There are a few notables ones; the orcs who are a failed attempt to create a slave race that would farm and mine for the Elvens, the goblins which are a second attempt at creating a slave race that would be easier to control, the kobolds a third attempt using some of the halflings as a based for magical inter-breeding, failed attempts at becoming immortal and finally a lot of dead stuff that for some reason kept moving.

Urrhamorh was able to contact the orcs. The orcs who were able to connect to his dream became very knowledge able in Arcanes. The great Wyrm convinced them to leave the Elven territories and move the the deserted lands were the first Dragon war had happened. The area had quite well recovered with a northern part featuring arid mesas, a central part with beautiful grasslands and southern mangrove.

The orcs started using the dwarven colossus as castles and fortress. They used the dragon bones to create weapons. Quickly the vast island became their property.

Urrhamorh convinced the goblins to move and hide in the abandoned dwarves underground facilities. He also attempted to influence the kobolds, but for some reason their mind was not receptive, same for the humans, halflings and so on. He was planning a long term strategic game to overthrow the Elvens.

What the great Wyrm did not expect is that one of the Elven college discovered the Dragons and decided they want to conjurate and bind the will of the Dragons to theirs. Urrhamorh left clues to lead the Elves to one of his kind he did not trust and convinced three of his more war minded brethren’s to wake up. Urrhamorh explained he had to stay asleep in order to coordinate the Wyrms.

A new century of war plagued Adhater, bearly one cycle of experimentation for Elvens and a glimps in the mind of the great Wyrms. But Adhater lost even more of its magical potential. The Colleges all felt under the Dragon’s wrath. Of the four who awoke, only Dellar survived. Dellar might well be the strongest of the great Wyrms now. He communed with Urrhamorh and both agreed that Adhater would not be able to host another fifteen Dragons. There would simply not be enough magic for them to survive. As the Wyrms on Adhalan had felt the magical war, they could be convinced they had to wait for some time.

Urrhamorh and Dellar went to rest after the war. Urrhamorh is in one of the northern seas, were he is maintained alife with Drakeids feeding him with whales. Dellar moved to another continent with his court and found a place to hide in swamps where he developed this court into a drakeid civilization who breeds oliphants to feed him.

In the last 5000 years many of the modern civilizations emerged. This is the period that is being considered as the traditional history for most of the beings. Travelling has always been mostly on ground. Since the Elven’s fall there are no flying things anymore and sailing is considered very dangerous because of Dragons mostly located in the seas and oceans.

The Dragons are now seven on Adhater. The six original ones who are all being kept alive by their court, four of them in deep sleep and two of the in meditation. The latest one has managed to escape Adhalan, tricking the other Wyrms. He managed to contact the Orcs and had them conjure him. Once on the planet, he joined the pact with Urrhamorh and Dellar. He helped them understand how he did it and help prevent it from happening again. Juhrll is a shadow dragon who has no Dragon court, but he has sort of a pact with the Orcs to feed him while he meditates.

The details of each continent history will be given alter on. But another phenomena is important to mention. Very recently, Adhater came into a cosmic conjunction which is the start of a new era. The planet’s magical potential is being replenished and so is also Adhalan. The conjunction just started, but the first signs have already appeard. Dwarfs are awakening with many questions about what happened, elven marvels start functioning again and the race starts to reappear looking for magic everywhere.

The conjunction is refueling Esol, Ysol, Adhater and Adhalan with new mana. It wakes up two old races, who rediscover the world. Dwarfs because of Adhater who was asleep is getting reenergized, but at the same time discover a lot of new actors trying to pillage its resources. The Elvens had disappeared after with the war and magic had faded a lot.

The various Manas from the different planets affected life in various forms. While for dragons and wizards that resource can be used in pretty much the same way. The entities who transmit it to other beings usually are more sensitive to one or the other form of Mana.

Esolmana is easily attuned to spirits, in particular ghosts. It also generated some wind-elementals on both Adhas’. Ysolmana is very strong and has created some fire-elementals. It naturally attunes better to fires, combustion and strong emotions. The Wyrm council tries to keep Adhalanmana for itself and Adhalan need a lot of mana to fully recover. Yet it managed to leak some mana, which created water-elementals. Adhalanmana tunes to despair, sadness or depression; giving the people strength to start over. Finally Adhater is close to nature, recovery, growth and healing. It also created some Earth-elementals on its planet who can dialogue with Dwarfs.

Most of these names come from the Elvish, and many of the common folks do not like the very similar terms. For our kin the words are not similar at all obviously; but lesser folks do not appreciate the nuances. Therefore many people have different names to call the phase of the day. For instance in the northen part of Adhater, they tend to call the phases Tag (Ysol), Dartag (Esol) and Noct.

Ahès of the Spectral Pegasus

Scholar, Court of the Flying Marvels

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