There are no traditional deities on this world, there are powerful entities that can channel Adhater mana to other beings. But they exist and are present on Adha. All the Wyrms are capable of channeling the Adhamana. But there are others, Adhater can do it for people that support her. They are known by many ways, but the most common are Druids or Arda priest the dwarf name for Adha.

Sometime, people in a given region have a different name and a cult organized in a different way but get the support from the same entity.

Druids, Arda priests or the protectors of Adhater

People who want to protect Adhater and nature in general. They thrive achieving an equilibrium. You should not consume magic without harmony. They take care about where people settle in and how they merge with the environment. The objective is the well-being of all and achieve harmony in the eco-system.

Many Druids get involved in politics: They are often perceived as protectors of Nature, because they often prevent its destruction. Yet their usually in favor of eco-conscious usage of resources to the benefit of all.

Protectors of Nature

Very close to the Arda priests, there are some more extremist protectors of Nature. They are usually found in less civilized areas and also directly supported by Adhater. They are protecting Nature even against minimal threats and opposed to most resource harvesting.


Adhalan is the dying planet that is hold captive by the Wyrm council. The planet leaks some of its magic to help priest helping other in despair situations and who help build confidence. The priest are usually charismatic people who fight oppression and someday find themselves capable of magic. Most of them are not conscious their power come from Adhalan and do not pray. As long as they are on their mission, Adhalan supports them.

The challenge with being supported by Adhalan is that the Wyrm council does not like Adhalan to leak power. Therefore, the amount of power the person gets is always unpredictable.

The Dragons are very interested in expanding their power and grasp on Adhater through minions and servants. They can also use their network to spy on the new civilizations activities and help on much more tactical actions, such as investigate a dwarf ruin or acquire and old elven writing.

All dwarfs realize that the Dragon Gods are a disturbance to Adha, therefore it is extremely rare that they get the Dragons to support them.

Urrhamorh the Mastermind

He is quite happy as the hand guiding actions behind the thrones. Ultimately, unless his Dragon body is at risk, he prefers to remain in meditation forever. His favorite servants and priests are persons who love intrigues and politics. He also loves spies and spying networks.

Dellar the Drake-Warrior

Dellar believes that other Wyrms will try to come on Adhater. He also believes that great civilizations such as the dwarfs and elevens can be a threat. This is why Dellar champions the Priests of War, but also warlords and other warriors that believe in faiths.

He is in favor of confrontation in order to keep the civilizations and realms busy fighting each other. But still powerful enough if bound together to potentially fight an invading Wyrm. That is exactly how Dellar perceives Juhrll. He now tolerates his presence, but wants to be ready in case this happens again.

Juhrll the Trickster or Orakmathar

Juhrll is supports the priests of mischieves; thiefs, burglars, clowns, trickster or people living from scams. This mainly because he thinks it is funny and like to create some form of chaos. He also loves illusions and might even support some artists who create some very weird art.

He also supports most of the orcs priests under the name of Orakmathar. His relationship with Orcs is more in the interest of self-preservation and defense. Orcs have a complex and quite developed civilization. One of the most powerful on Adhater, but most orcs are isolated on a separate island.

The control of Orcs is not easy, many like war and are supported by Dellar. The Shamans and warlocks master magic. He cannot influence them directly. Even though the control of the Orcs is not easy, Jurhll likes the challenge it represents to control them. He managed to have the orcs create a huge black pyramid for his cult and sacrifice living things into a huge pit and ultimately his throat.

The Elvens created one entity that cannot die while they were experimenting to achieve immortality. Thodd is his name and he would probably be best described as a Lich. He was one of the first orc experiment and is derived from Elven blood. He shares the elven passion for magic.

The Elven thought he was dead so they threw his body away. But the spirit remains tied to his orc skull. Centuries he just waited in the dust and under the rain. Until one day he achieved channeling magic. He found a servant and started his cult. After the second Dragon war, he took possession of an elven city and even repaired the flying defenses.

The cult regrouped hundreds of failed elven experiments and studied them. The cult is a mix of priests of Thodd and wizards. While wizards are usually not well perceived by priests, Thodd is the god of the undead, destruction and magic. He is in direct conflict with Arda.

There can be many other God-like creatures on Adha. Dungeon masters can have Wyrms of Adhalan try to attempt do the same as Jurhll. Potentially a Dwarf or Elf might have made the connection to Adhater and channel magic to other people.

The trick is that they can only enable their priests while meditating, but as they are living they also need to feed and be protected.

Most of these names come from the Elvish, and many of the common folks do not like the very similar terms. For our kin the words are not similar at all obviously; but lesser folks do not appreciate the nuances. Therefore many people have different names to call the phase of the day. For instance in the northen part of Adhater, they tend to call the phases Tag (Ysol), Dartag (Esol) and Noct.

Ah├Ęs of the Spectral Pegasus

Scholar, Court of the Flying Marvels

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